Martijn Stenneberg - Exploring functional limitations in people with (non)traumatic neck pain

Date 2022-06-11
Heure 09:00
Adresse Brasserie Fenikshof - Abdijstraat 20 - 1850 Grimbergen
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Intervenants Martijn Stenneberg (SOMT)
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This lecture will be given in English


In this lecture the clinical characteristics, in terms of severity of pain, impairments in physical or mental functions and disability, and the complexity of traumatic and nontraumatic neck pain are presented and discussed. We show that clinical characteristics are differently associated with disability in both patient groups. Traumatic NP is a more complex condition as more characteristics interact, and the contribution of individual characteristics to disability is less straightforward. Findings presented contribute to a more thorough understanding of differences between subgroups of neck pain, the impact of neck pain on the daily functioning of people, and the use of accurate diagnostic instruments in primary care physiotherapy.

Learning goals


Martijn Stenneberg is titular ‘Advanced evidence-based clinical reasoning in manual therapy’ in the Master’s program in Manual Therapy at VUB. He is also the head of the Manual Therapy Department at SOMT University of Physiotherapy in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. He specialized in education and research in diagnostics, clinical reasoning, and neck pain. In 2021, he completed his PhD-thesis, entitled ‘Exploring functional limitations in people with traumatic and nontraumatic neck pain’, at the University of Maastricht under supervision of Professor Rob de Bie. Martijn is currently member of the Scientific Committee of MATHERA, representing the Manual Therapy formation at VUBrussel.

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