Mandy Röscher (AUS) - The pelvic floor approach

Date 2023-09-12
Heure 09:00
Date de fin 2023-09-13
Adresse Campus UZ Gent - Corneel Heymanslaan 10, 9000 Gent
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Intervenants Mandy Röscher (AUS)
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Pelvic floor dysfunction is common in both males and females. Up to 32% of females seen in primary care setting struggle with some form of pelvic floor dysfunction.

The pelvic floor muscles play an important role in load transfer at the pelvis along with continence and sexual function. As a physiotherapist it is important to understand the key role the pelvic floor plays in the holistic management of patients particularly when addressing problems at the pelvis, hip or lumbar spine. Actually, 65% of women and 30% of men waiting for an appointment with their doctors report some degree of urinary incontinence. Only 31% of these people will seek help from a health professional. A large percentage of your patients are struggling with pelvic floor dysfunction. If you are not asking the questions you are missing vital information.

Join Mandy Röscher on this 2-day course to learn the basics of the pelvic floor and pelvic health and what you as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist / manual therapist can do to help manage these patients. Day 1 is lecture based and content heavy, while day 2 is completely practical focused. This course is part of the pre-congress courses of the European Congress Manual Therapy - ECMT2023.

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This course will be given in English